12373 Poway Rd Poway, CA


CrossFit LVI in Poway brings you the best in CrossFit programs and coaches. Together we squat, push, pull, run and jump – with or without weight – based on your current fitness level. Exercises are scalable and our coaches are committed to your safety.

Here at CrossFit LVI we not only care about your fitness, but also your nutrition. Any questions you have about how to lose those extra pounds, gain muscle and enjoy all that CrossFit has to offer, will be answered for you by one of our dedicated coaches.

CrossFit LVI is one big family. All of our members truly support one another’s goals and their pursuit… The people you meet start to feel like teammates. We have a wide range of backgrounds, experiences, ages and personalities!

We’re not just CrossFit! You can check the schedule here. In addition to CrossFit we offer a cardio based program aimed to increase your endurance, burn fat & toning up. Our Burn class is all about the HIIT, High Intensity Interval Training, which is best for burning fat and getting lean.

If you’ve been thinking about what CrossFit is all about – don’t be nervous. Everyone starts at Day 1, and we are here to make that the best day of your life. That’s why we created our On-Ramp Program.

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